Show's review : Dexter

Dexter is a show on Showtime that's about pretty much it serial killer right so story goes about 37 years ago, officer Harry Morgan arrived on a crime scene, you found a two-year-old kid and the kid had seen some pretty messed up shit, but the officer adopts the kid anyway and then the kid starts being about you know 6 8 10 12 and officer ...

Dexter review

... Harry Morgan notices that his adopted kid does weird things, like you know kill the neighbor's dog and kill rodents, and then he recognizes the kid's gonna be a serial killer, there's no way around it and so he teaches him. he's like alright I will teach you how to kill people and get away with it to keep you out of the electric chair, and they'll teach you a code to live by aka you only kill serial killers.
So now Dexter's 37 years old, he's all grown up and he's learned to blend in with society and he kills killers in a weird ritualistic freaky serial killer kind of way, which is why he kills people because he needs to kill people he wants to kill people, he's a serial killer he doesn't kill people to be the dark defender or anything like, that and so now you have an interesting premise for a show, and I've had some friends were like freshmen in college we were taking psych 101 the like surreal killers don't work like that, it wouldn't be how it works they'll be a buzzkill enjoy.
The show Dexter just finished its fifth season so there's a lot to talk about, I could really review every season for the sake of time, I'll give you a general overview of the show and what you can expect when you watch it, because you should, what I like about Dexter is Dexter is a free individual, we all have emotions and things happen we have an emotional response to things, so everything to yourself like that would be so awesome, if I didn't have an emotional response to things like I only thought with my brain. that's Dexter Morgan like he was at a restaurant with his girlfriend, he has his girlfriend who's pretty much like camouflage to him, she starts growing on him after time and you know he sees her as more than just camouflage, but in season one she is camouflage he has to date this chick to blend in, because he knows that cops look for singles thirty year old guys who live on their own, I was looking around this restaurant he's just like I just don't get these little mating rituals that people have, and the show is actually really funny too in a really dark kind of way, it's not a comedy whenever I explain the show to people who like is it a comedy or a drama, it is a drama that has comedic moments in it which I think dramas have a leg up on comedy, because comedies people expect them to be funny, because they're comedies if you have a drama that has really dark funny moments people expect that shit and it turns out to be a little funnier one of the funny aspects of the show is that you can hear Dexter Morgan's inner monologue you can hear what he's thinking, and then he says the exact opposite of what he's thinking you know because he has to say what normal people would say, he can't say what he thinks otherwise people wouldn't know he's a serial killer, like there's this one scene there at a crime scene, it's like a Friday night his friend angel he's a cop on there is one of the supporting characters, he's like you know what asshole kill someone, it makes us work on a Friday night, Dexter nonchalantly just goes on then Monday through Thursdays that's what I always say, the guys no idea that Dexter's being completely serious about that he only kills people on Monday through Thursdays, I guess I forgot to mention that.

Dexter's job that's important Dexter Morgan works as a blood spatter expert for the Miami Metro PD, he's his lab geek no one suspects him of being a serial killer, except for a couple people there have been a couple people who are like they're just something not right about that guy, and also what I like is that the seasons are really different.
Season four my favorite John Lithgow plays a killer in season four, there are about three people, I can say that I've seen in entertainment I'm like I actually believe that guy is crazy the lotion from the basket guy in Silence of the Lambs is one Heath Ledger's Joker in the Dark Knight, that's two and John Lithgow in season four of Dexter the three craziest human beings I've seen in a movie or a show, and the supporting characters in Dexter they're great too ,my favorite side character has got to be Vince Masuka for some odd reason, he says the funniest things in the show, he's just a really sick little b*** and I like him and his sister Debra his sister Debra's like the deepest of the characters you see her grow over time, and season one she's a little more insecure, a little more not sure of herself, but in all the seasons she's just really foul-mouthed cross-checked, I like her.
So I like the show Dexter, and I like the main character Dexter Michael C Hall won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Dexter Morgan, and he absolutely deserved it was like three years coming by the time, he got it so can you relate to and like a show about a serial killer, yeah probably because it's awesome.